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Photo OC specializes in high quality imaging for commercial and residential real estate in Orange County and Los Angeles County. By providing full service media production, we work diligently to make your vision come to life from the idea to the listing. Lastly, you can have peace of mind knowing each of our staff is licensed and insured.

the team

Owner Phil Pagoria created Photo OC to bring his loves for flying, real estate, and photography together. With more than 20 years of professional flying experience, he has an eye for how to capture seeing the world from an aerial perspective. Alongside being an FAA Certified Part 107 Drone Pilot, he is an FAA Certified Airline Transport Pilot, a captain at a major U.S. airline, and an FAA Certified Flight Instructor with over 1,000 hours of flight instruction time.

When Phil isn't flying a drone or an airplane, he enjoys chasing sunsets, bike riding with his corgi in the bike basket, listening to music, cooking, and spending time with his son.

Emma works as the co-founder and marketing director. Also having experience in the sky, she has worked in aviation customer service and safety for five years, but always had a desire to additionally pursue something more creative. Partnering with her husband, Photo OC came to life over several conversations including tacos, the beach, and a common passion for capturing the beauty of Orange County through the lens. 

Emma enjoys spending her free time cooking, reading, having beach picnics with Phil and their corgi, and exploring the beautiful state of California. 

frequently asked questions

What equipment do you use?

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone and Fuji Film X-T3 Camera

Do you have liability insurance for the equipment?

Yes, we arrive at every property with insurance that covers any potential damage done by the drone. Of course, we pride ourselves on our experience and ability to fly the drone properly, but accidents can always happen and we want to be prepared if so.

How far are you willing to travel?

We primarily service properties in Orange County, CA. 

How soon after the shoot will I be able to see the final footage?

Most of our services are finalized within 5 business days of capturing. Videos, however, can take longer due to editing and processing. We offer expedited editing if desired. The final footage will then be delivered to you via a link where you can download and share the media as desired.

Can we use you for other drone work, not real estate footage?

Yes! We also have experience with landscape and sports photography and videography.

What should I do to prepare for the shoot?

On the day of the shoot, please have all featured areas clean and well-lit. Remove/hide any items such as trash bins or maintenance tools, and brainstorm a strategy on how to keep the property as busy or quiet as possible. For example, if you are highlighting a commercial property, you may want to draw attention to the traffic of the business during a lunch hour rush. 

What is aerial mapping?

Aerial mapping is a high resolution 2D or 3D scan of the property's exterior usually used for properties larger than 10,000 square feet. We set up a flight plan for the drone, then the drone takes thousands of images as it moves over the property. Those images are stitched together to create a smoother, more detailed image of the complete area than an individual drone photo would capture.

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